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Dr Atalla Abraham

MBCHB, MSc, FRACGP, Diploma acupuncture (Monash University), Skin cancer surgery and Medicine (Queensland University).
Dr Atalla Abraham has been at BPMC since it started in March 2000, with ten years’ experience prior in general practice and various hospitals. He has a wide range of experience in general practice, with additional qualifications in acupuncture from Monash University (2006), and skin cancer medicine (2012) and skin cancer surgery (2013) from Queensland University. He also has special interest in minor surgery and emergencies. He does home visits, and nursing home visits for the centre patients only.

Dr Sam Assad

MBBS, Master of Science, FRACGP , Member of Royal Australian College of Acupuncture
Dr Assad has been a general practitioner for more than 30 years, He has a special interests in chronic disease management, minor surgical procedures, skin cancer , acupuncture, men’s & women’s health, ante natal care , children’s health, travel medicine Dr Assad enjoy traveling, swimming and reading

Dr Katy Abraham

MBChB, FRACGP, Med Cert acupuncture (Monash University)
Dr Katy is in the Medical Centre since it started in March 2000. She has excellent listening skill. She practices in all fields of family medicine. She has ante natal shared-care agreement with the Mercy Hospital for women, Royal Women Hospital and Epworth Eastern Hospital. She is expert in inserting and removing implanon. Also expert in removing intra-uterine devices. She is also certified to practise acupuncture. She does home visits and nursing home visits for her patients.

Dr Hanaa Ibrahim

Dr Hanna has more than 20 years experience in general practice with special interest in women health paediatrics and general medicine. She also enjoys walking , music reading and travelling.

Dr Zain Gorji

MBBS ( Melbourne University ) ,FRACGP
Dr Gorji has been a doctor since January 1995. He has been working as a GP at Bulleen Plaza Medical Centre since January 2001. He has a broad range of experience in General Practice . His special areas of interests includes childhood and travel immunisations and men’s health. He speaks fluent English and Persian.

Dr Magda Saber

Dr Magda loves her career as a doctor, she has her medical degree from Iran, she has special interest in women health, contraception and paediatrics, Travel medicine, chronic Disease management mental health and general medicine. Dr Magda loves playing tennis twice a week and cycling, travelling and entertainment.

Dr Shahla Ferdousian

MBBS, Flinders University, 1997 FRACGP
Dr Shahla Ferdousian has 20 years of experience in all aspects of general practice. During the course of her training Dr Ferdousian has worked in a number of hospitals across the Melbourne and in South Australia working in different areas of medicine including emergency medicine, paediatrics, mental health, obstetrics/gynaecology, geriatrics, and surgery Her special interests include paediatrics, Women’s health, migrants health and general medicine.

Dr Joanna Lay

Dr Lay is a Monash University graduate and has extensive experience in General Practice for over 20 years. She has special interests in women’s health, breast checks, antenatal care, paediatric medicine, minor procedures skin cancer and Chronic disease management Dr Lay speaks Mandarin and enjoys gardening, cooking and reading.

Dr Sameh Georgy

Dr Sameh Georgy has been practicing as a GP at BPMC for many years and has extensive experience in all areas of General Practice. He also holds a Paediatrics Diploma from Sydney University. His special interests include chronic disease management, paediatrics and Men’s health.

Dr Qiyuan Chen

Dr Chen has more than 20 years’ experience in General Practice. He has special interests in chronic disease management, men’s health, travel medicine, children’s health, occupational health Dr Chen speaks Mandarin and enjoys reading and walking.

Dr Jack Deady

Will add later

Dr Paul Mak

Dr Mak is a Melbourne university graduate and has more than 25 year experience, with special interest men's health , travel medicine, mental health , diabetic care chronic disease management

Dr Malliga Omkar

Dr Malliga Omkar is a family oriented GP, authentic, kind, compassionate GP with loving kindness for all human beings. She promotes physical, mental, emotional well-being – a holistic approach to life, a mental of self-realisation for all. She councils her patients on finding self-love, in the peace and joy. Her main interests includes women’s health, general medical problems in patients affecting their peace of mind, and general health. She has been a GP for over 40 years and loves sharing her knowledge, wisdom for others personal development and self-improvement.

Dr Tiesheng Wang

Dr Wang is an Otago University graduate and has extended experience in General Practice with special interests in dermatology, men’s health women’s health travel medicine immunization and children’s health. Dr Wang speaks Mandarin & Cantonese and enjoys reading and listening to music.

Dr Mona Hanna

MBBCH, FRACGP, Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Mona Hanna is a fellow of the Royal College of GP with 20y experience as a general practitioner She has special interest in family medicine,women health,paediatric,men health,geriatric and chronic disease As she carry diploma in obstetric and gynaecology ,she provides antenatal care ,share care with all maternity hospital in Melbourne

Dr Sri Naidu

MBBS, FRACGP , diploma of Australian and New Zealand for gynecology and obstetrics
Dr Naidu has a special interests in women’s health, breast checks , ante natal care , children’s health, vaccination. Dr Naidu enjoys traveling and cooking.

Dr Nader Mahani

Dr Nader Mahani is an experienced specialist in general practice. He is an accomplished procedural GP and circumcision surgeon, additionally he is a certified skin cancer doctor. Dr Mahani consults in English and Farsi.

Dr Sameh Hanna

Dr Hanna has more than 10 year experience in general practice with special interest in men's health chronic disease, women's health, travel medicine, pediatrics, and mental health. He enjoys travelling readings and sports.

Dr Wiswanathun Pathy

Dr Wiswanathun Pathy Is a well known General Practitioner in Melbourne since 1971. Migrated to NZ worked as Psychiatric registrar for 3 years. Extra studies includes: Completed a course in Sports Medicine in 1983. Did a course in Manipulative therapy in 1985. He is interested in family medicine and manipulative therapy to treat muscles and joints pain.

Dr Hossien Yaraghy

He has more than 20 years experience in general practice, he is interested in men’s health, management of chronic diseases, women’s health, paediatrics, travel medicine, minor surgeries, dermatology, immunisation and skin cancer checks. Dr Yaraghy enjoy bike riding, walking, travelling and reading.

Allied Health Doctors

Milva Agostini

Milva graduated from La Trobe University in Bundoora with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice and has been working as a podiatrist in Aged care and Private Practice. Milva’s scope of practice includes and not limited to:
· Orthotic therapy
· Nail surgery
· Diabetes assessments and management
· Callous and corn debridement
· Nail management
· Footwear advice
Milva makes it a priority to keep up to date with the latest technologies by recently completing a Dry Needling course and continuing professional development with seminars. Milva is a yearly volunteer at the Oxfam 100km Trail walk event treating many blisters, sprains and strains. In Milva’s spare time she enjoys her family, reading, running and cycling.
“I love to interact and communicate with people, either in Italian or English. Podiatry allows me to be hands on and make a difference in people’s lives whether it’s the small things in their day-to-day life or helping people achieve larger sporting goals! I have empathy for the elderly and I enjoy hearing of their experiences whilst trying to increase their comfort levels.”

Chris Assad

B. Applied Sciences, Master of Podiatry
Chris graduated 2020 from La Trobe University.
He manage foot health, he offers help and advice to the following areas.
- Foot Pain - when your foot is painful or uncomfortable ;
- All sports injuries - when you have foot problems as a result of sports activities;
- Orthotics - can offer Orthotic prescriptions specifically designed for you.
- Children's Feet - Flat Feet, Toe Walking, Wart treatment and general development in children.
- General Foot Care - skin and nail concerns, calluses, corns . Plantar Fascitiis, Shin Splints, Fracture management, Tinea and Mycosis of the nail, nerve pain, muscular tightness or weakness.
- Heel Pain - advice and management of heel pain for all ages.
- Diabetic foot care and advice
- Nail Surgery
- Ankle issues
- Biomechanical analysis of gait and running technique
- Chris does home visits for senior patients

Chris enjoys playing soccer once/ twice a week and squash.

Sylvana Gerges

Will Add Later

Elizabeth Saleh

Hi, my name is Liz and I am an Osteopath. I have been practising as an Osteopath for over 12 years. As an Osteopath I specialise in musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis. I treat patients of all ages and I also specialise in Clinical Pilates, and core and pelvic floor strengthening. Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that treats the body not as individual parts but as one holistic unit. Modern osteopaths aim to relieve pain ,improve function and assist with the patient's musculoskeletal health.

Ahalya Nathaniel

Ahalya Nathaniel is a dietitian with extensive experience in clinical dietetics. She has a Masters degree in Dietetics and Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Ahalya has worked in senior leadership positions at various public hospitals in Melbourne including being the Health Services Manager of Dietetics at a major Melbourne hospital.
Her areas of interest are:
• Diabetes Type 1 and 2
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Gastrointestinal disorders including Coeliac disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease
• Oncology
• Nutrition in Pregnancy including Gestational Diabetes
• Renal and Liver diseases
• Weight management and general nutrition education
Ahalya has been working as a consultant Dietitian at Bulleen Plaza Medical Centre since 2009 and she is available for consultation every Tuesday evening from 4PM to 9PM.


Principal Psychologist: Maryam Elyas Title: Psychologist (MAAPi)
- Master of Applied Psychology (Organisational)
- Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours)
- Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)
- Professional Registrations: NDIS, TAC and Workcover Registered
Relevant Experience: 7+ Years Experience
- Trinity Psychology
- Department of Education (School Psychologist) Previous
- Department of Justice, Offending Behaviour Programs
- Anglicare Victoria (Family Services)
- Generalist Counselling
- Depression & Anxiety
- Trauma-Focused Therapy
- Work-related Stress
- Forensic Assessments and Intervention
- Relationship/Couple Counselling
- Experience with TAC, Workcover and Return to work cases
Special Areas of Interest
- Grief and Loss
- Anger Management
- Substance Abuse and Alcoholism (AOD)
- Chronic Pain
- IQ/ Cognitive Assessments

Nasim Nowrouzi

B. Physiotherapy APMA (Melbourne University 2001)
Experienced in:
· Cardio-vascular and Geriatric physio
· Joint conditions including arthritis, bursitis or instability
· Chronic Low back pain and Neck problems
· Acute or Sports injury
· Rehabilitation post-surgery
· Treatments and follow ups post workplace or motor vehicle accidents
Speaking fluent English and Persian
Physiotherapists can treat and manage muscle joint and nerve disorders. They aim to restore normal function that may have been compromised through injury, ageing, disease or environmental factors. Physiotherapists are highly trained in assessment, management and treatment of sports injuries, occupational injuries (work related), motor vehicle injuries and general physical injuries. Physiotherapist also play a role in rehabilitation

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